I’m a mixed media artist living in a small rural town in Northwest Florida. I grew up in a similar sized town in Northern California where I practiced arts and crafts as a main source of entertainment. As a child I had very limited resources for an art education and  delved into anything from homemade comics, traditional painting, to fiber arts and sewing. I obsessed over animation, sequential art, life drawing, color theory, and everything I could get hands on that would help my development.

Currently my work has elements of optical play and experimentation. I focus a lot on feminine subjects, the distortion of reality, and an underlying narrative of waking dreams and constant change. I love to depict life as a beautiful, confusing mess.

Most of my pieces are inspired by contemporary pop surrealism, flowers, plant life, and geometric abstraction. To stay updated on current work and where I’ll be showing, please follow me on one (or more) of my social media accounts:



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